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March Holiday Workshops

Dream Catcher ($65)

Handcraft your pretty unicorn-inspired dream catcher through simple motor skills. Bring it home and hang it above your bed and have a sweet dream! Suitable for age 5 and above!

16th March (Mon) 10-1pm

Yayoi Acrylic Painting (On Canvas) ($65)

Yayoi Acrylic Painting is a Yayoi inspired Painting workshop. Learn about the cool artist and bring home a quirky painting on canvas of your own design! Suitable for age 5 and above!

19th March (Thurs) 10-1pm

Dino Painting ($60)

 Bring your favourite dinosaur to life on canvas through this Dino painting workshop! Paint your favourite dinosaur or customise it with your favourite colours and patterns! Suitable for age 4 and above!

17th March (Tues) 10-1pm

Paint Your Jeans ($60)

Revamp that old pair of jeans with interesting designs and paintings! Guaranteed to make your jeans look even better than when you first bought them! Suitable for age 7 and above!

20th Mar (Fri) 10-1pm

Pastel Nagomi & Canvas Stitching ($50)

Learn how to paint with soft pastel using your fingers and simple tools to create the image of the adorable hedgehog peeking out from a flower pot! Then, create different textured frames with your design for your artwork using plastic canvas and yarn! Suitable for age 8 and above!

18th Mar (Wed) 10-1pm

Brush Lettering ($80)

Experience the joy of beautiful brush lettering. Perfect for mini lettering enthusiasts who love personalising characters and fun words. Suitable for age 7 and above!

22rd March (Sun) 10-1pm

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