Mungyo 24 Colours Oil Pastels


While the quality is very much like that of Sennelier’s, these come at a more affordable price, however. These oil pastels have a smooth and buttery touch to them which makes them highly preferable. The best feature when it comes to these pastels is that they offer extraordinary results while highlighting since they are very vibrant and rich in pigment.

If you’re looking for pastels that are easy to use, we highly recommend these for their amazing composition as a whole. Both texture and consistency make these a perfect choice for the complete beginner who just started out with the basics of oil pastels.

  • Easy and simple to use which makes them ideal for complete beginners
  • Lower price than high-end pastels, given their wonderful quality
  • Working with highlights is very easy with the pastels since they are soft and contain a high level of pigment


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