Artists Alpha watercolour 18 colours


Alpha Watercolor made in Korea is a famous brand in Malaysia. Alpha watercolors are transparent and more affordable compare to brand with similar quality. Alpha Water color normally is the first choice for most art schools in Malaysia. The set consists of 18 colors easier for user to mix the color. Alpha watercolor can be blend to turn out different colors.

  • Contains 18 x 7.5ML tubes of water colour paint.(white,lemon yellow,perma.yellow deep,yellow ochre,vermilion (HUE),red,crimson,burnt sienna,vandyke brown,ultramarine deep,cobalt blue(HUE),prussian blue,mineral violet,yellow green,viridian (HUE),sap green,olive green,black)
  • Finest quality pigments to give unparalleled excellence in translucency and vibrancy of colors.
  • Retain chromatic clarity even after color blending.
  • Strong against discoloration due to exceptional UV resistance.
  • Offering optimum richness and depth of free-flowing colors.
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