Van Gogh water colour paint pocket box


Van Gogh water colours are a transparent paint with intense colours. All colours have the highest degree of lightfastness. Thanks to their purity you can easily mix and wash the colours to the finest of nuances.

The Van Gogh series has also been developed for people with a high level of painting experience and artistic students. It was used to replace expensive pigments, so that the price was affordable not only for professionals, but the quality was still high. Vivid colors and a carefully developed formula guarantee the best results. The colors remain intense after drying, even in case of significant dilution with water. The paint spreads perfectly on paper, making the job a satisfying one. The clarity and fluidity of watercolors result in uniform, stripped lacing and excellent transparent effects. They can be freely mixed with each other, which greatly expands the palette of colors (it is recommended, however, to mix the paints with the highest lightfastness for the most durable effect). The set includes the 191, 6, circular and precision folding brush, whose bristles are long lasting and have a small sponge that will collect excess water from the surface of the sheet. This set of watercolors in a simple, lightweight, durable package can be the perfect starter kit, as well as travel and as a gift idea.

This set contains:

269 Azo Yellow Medium, 411 Burnt Sienna, 535 Cerulean Blue Phthalo, 108 Chinese White, 331 Madder Lake Deep, 708 Paynes Grey, 254 Permanent Lemon Yellow, 370 Permanent Red Light, 623 Sap Green, 506 Ultramarine Deep, 616 Viridian and 227 Yellow Ochre

Also includes a brush from 191 series size no. 6.

Made in Netherlands

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Basic Colours, Shades of Nature


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