1. Hold scissors facing forward.

Most kids do not know how to hold the scissors correctly. Therefore they need to be shown how to hold their scissors properly before they can be cutting ambitious dragons and fairies that could come alive! Never deprive your child of this basic motor skill just because you do not have time to do paper-cutting activities with them.

2. Cut away from self.

Apart from holding scissors in the right way, beginners must be shown which direction to cut. When they are determined to work their way through the paper, they will attempt to twist and adjust their direction. Rule of thumb – cut away from self to avoid self-inflicted cuts.

3. Cut slowly.

As much as the scissors is a dangerous tool, our little ones need to be taught to work their way through the paper carefully, to avoid papercut.

4. Becareful of the other little hand 👋🏼 

Of course, where else could they cut by accident? Hair, clothes, your furniture – just some ideas how a motor skills training session could go wrong when unattended. Be a good parent, be there to supervise when you hand your children with a sharp tool.