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Nov/Dec 2022 Holiday Workshops

Monet-inspired Garden Painting

22 Nov | 10-1pm

Learn the art style of Claud Monet as students uncover his love for gardens – as he was an avid gardener. His garden was a constant source of inspiration to him, particularly in later life. Lush landscapes often inspired his iconic paintings. Escape reality and submerge yourself in serenity through his style with us at only $68, 22 November, 10 am-1 pm. Suitable for ages five and above.

Relief on Canvas

25 Nov | 10-1pm

This technique is an excellent way for students to learn about reliefs and helps them use their motor skills as they mould their clay. Perfect for preschoolers and children who want to enhance and improve their motor skills and express creativity in 3 hours! Students begin by pinching off clay pieces and shaping them into desired shapes like branches, houses and small snowballs.

Palette Knife Landscape Painting

2 Dec | 10-1pm

Learn texture through palette knife painting with us on 2 December, from 10 am to 1 pm. Learn to apply thick layers of paint on a canvas where brush strokes and palette knife marks are visible to create a 3-dimensional and textured art masterpiece! Seeing how you move your hands and fingers to create stunning effects is fun and exciting. Learn to scrap, paint thin and thick lines and draggg across the canvas with improved fluidity with us.

Book your slot now! Skip the brushes, and take out the knives for only $68!

Unicorn Dreamcatchers

8 Dec | 10-1pm

Who loves unicorns and dreamcatchers? We have a lesson for those who love to get their hands on crafting yarn, foam, pompoms, colourful paper and glitter! Create your dreamcatcher to be placed by your door, window, or corridor or hung on your favourite wall of your house. Happening on 8 December, this 3-hour lesson teaches the young about pasting, cutting, tearing and being all expressive in their work pieces. Only $68 from 10 am till 1 pm.

Monet-inspired Poppy Fields

12 DEc | 10-1pm

Learn colours, values and depth by joining our Claud Monet-inspired painting workshop and recreating his legendary ‘Poppy Fields’ painting. This painting is an excellent example of simplifying the “noise” – the countless colours, values, shapes, lines, or other little details you are confronted with when you look at nature in life. Monet extracted the bare essence of the scene and transferred that onto the canvas. Monet relied almost entirely on hue and saturation contrast to create interest within the stipulated areas of his paintings. This technique is challenging but highly effective if you succeed, so why not book a class with us to improve this technique?

Enchanted mushroom house

16 Dec | 10-1pm

Let’s make a wonderful mushroom house that can be used as house decor. Learn how to mould and roll, pin and squish and squish, pinch and stretch. Clay-making is a fun way to introduce 3-dimensional art to children of all ages, as it’s soft and malleable yet a very expressive medium for children’s development and learning.

Improve motor skills from little fingers and hands whilst working with clay and enjoy the process  at only $68.

Da Vinci Art Camp

22 Dec | 9am-3pm

Our last art camp for the year! Let’s go back to the Renaissance era and be immersed in the styles and techniques of the man who created the Mona Lisa, the best known, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world. Under the supervision and teachings of our qualified art teachers, learn and recreate Da Vinci’s creations and be enlightened about the art history and life of this legendary painter, who is often cited as one of the greatest painters in the world.

The Great Wave Painting

23 Nov | 10-1pm

The Great Wave of Kanagawa has been described as “possibly the most reproduced image in the history of all art” and as a contender for the “most famous artwork in Japanese history”. But make it kawaii!

If you are Japan-lover, take this opportunity to learn the art of Katsushika Hokusai and create a light-hearted piece with a chill egg (Gudetama) riding the great wave! Craft a masterpiece where you get your chill egg riding the wave of Nipon – now! Learn two kinds of famous Japanese art at only $68.

Sisley-inspired Seascape

30 Nov | 10-1pm

Alfred Sisley was the most consistent Impressionist landscape painter in his dedication to painting landscape en Plein air (i.e., outdoors). He pioneered French Impressionism, carrying out the movement’s original philosophy throughout his career.

Impressionist artists used a much more colourful palette than had been previously used in fine art. They took nature and everyday life as their main subjects rather than the more traditional mythological and religious scenes.

Learn tranquillity through learning his art techniques and style – for only $68


Sumikko X'mas Painting

4 Dec | 10-1pm

Another Kawaii lesson is in store for you on the 4 December, from 10 am till 1 pm! For only $68, let’s create cute moments with your friends painting Sumikko Gurashi characters. Bring them home and show your family how these cute pastel creatures have made your day! You can put it up as Christmas decor too! 

So who is your favourite Sumikko character? Or do you prefer a Minikko character? Bring out the joy in painting your favourite one! Imagine them celebrating Christmas altogether!

Floral Landscape Painting

9 Dec | 10-1pm

In this workshop, paint with palette knives and learn to create contrast through colour theory! Discover unique ways to create texture with unconventional painting tools and use perspective and varying painting techniques to create the illusion of distance.

Learn to create calm and warm tones while mixing, create colour combinations, and paint outlines of skies, mountains and beautiful floral landscapes!

X'mas Stockings

13 Dec | 10-1pm

Are you preparing for Christmas? Get crafty, expressive and creative by creating Christmas stockings using various media! Something to pin up at home this year! Personalise your socks using your imagination using art techniques taught and guided by our qualified art teachers.

DIY Night Light

19 Dec | 10-1pm

Make your magic at night by creating your own DIY Night Light in your room! Spend endless fun with your family, staring at your lit masterpieces before bedtime, with all the proper guidance and supervision from our qualified art teachers from NAFA and LaSalle. Materials will be provided.

Floral Relief on Canvas

23 Dec | 10-1pm

We end our holiday programme lineup with a floral finale, a relief on canvas. This is perfect for small children as this technique is a great way to use their motor skills as they mould their clay while expressing their creativity through shapes, colours, layers and sizes. Suitable for children ages five and above who want to enhance and improve their motor skills and express creativity in 3 hours! Parents can also join too! Let your flowers bloom – in 3D!


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Rilakumma Art Camp

24 Nov | 9-3pm

Are you into kawaii art? Are you a fan of Rilakumma, the relaxed bear? Are you a mega fan with tonnes of Rilakumma merchandise from stationery, plushies and comics? Let’s all have fun, r-e-l-a-x-e-d and create cute work on this day! Get relaxed and chill for 6 hours and create your own Rilakumma themed-canvas painting with a party meal made out of clay – all happening on 24 November, from 9 am till 3 pm. Suitable for ages five and above. $170 only! Limited slots left! Lunch will be provided.

Wayne Thiebaud's Art Camp

1 Dec | 9am-3pm

Wayne Thiebaud’s well-known for his colourful pop art pastel paintings from cakes, pies, lipsticks, ice creams and pastries – the list goes on. The cakes and pies, the best known of Thiebaud’s work, are painted from his imagination and long-ago memories of bakeries and diners. Everything he created was so pleasing to the eyes, yet it brings you to his ‘dream’ realm, which brings peaceful and soothing vibes.

Why not spend 1 December for 6 hours exploring and expressing creativity through learning his art style? Bring along your friend or your kid, and let’s create placid and calm masterpieces! It’s $170, with lunch provided!

Clay Gingerbread House

6 Dec | 10-1pm

For our clay-making workshop, students will be taught sculpting and moulding techniques to create a gingerbread house for upcoming Christmas decor! Spend your day sculpting a lump of clay and turning it into a colourful, magnificent gingerbread house! Clay-making has therapeutic effects, so let’s spend a quiet, engaging 3-hour lesson.

All our art materials are child-friendly and non-toxic, so be free and let that creativity flow and be expressive, building a house of your desire! An activity equally fun, exciting, and relaxing for all ages!

X'mas Gudetama

11 Dec | 10-1pm

Once again, we are opening up a kawaii art class for anyone who loves anime/manga, especially the cute chill egg character Gudetama! If you love all things Gudetama, head to our studio for a themed canvas painting party with us!

Gudetama has become a famous icon since 2013; aeroplanes, trains and cafes have been branded with Gudetama-themed decor. Don’t waste your chance to create such a cute sensational character with us on 11 December, from 10 am to 1 pm. It’s only $68, suitable for ages five and above!

X'mas Art Camp

15 Dec | 9am-3pm

Christmas is coming soon! Are you ready for an art camp with all things Christmas-related? From 9 am to 3 pm on 15 December, we are opening our studio for fun and excitement, with lunch provided for all! We can also blast Mariah Carey’s songs on a loop (must-haves) in the studio!

Jingle bells, snowballs, reindeer, Santa Claus – whatever you think of Christmas, let the magic happen in our studio as we jam along the day!

Limited slots left for our budding artists! The price is $170; hurry, spaces are filling up fast!

Van Gogh-inspired self portrait

Did you know that only one portrait photo of Vincent survived? It shows him at the age of 19 with a slightly grim expression. Almost everything else we know about his appearance comes from the many self-portraits he painted. Let’s learn how to create your own portrait here with us, in the style of Van Gogh.

Learn more about this art legend and his life, as well as techniques and styles, on 21 December, 10 am till 1 pm – for only $68. Hurry, there are limited slots left for budding artists! It’s beneficial for younger children to be EXPOSED to legendary artists like Vincent Van Gogh.







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