13 – 17 years old

This weekly program focuses on the development of various art styles, creative design skills and techniques in drawing and painting. In this class, students will be guided in honing their technical drawing and painting skills at their own pace in line with comprehensive studies of various art movements, artists and art concepts.


What We Teach


We encourage students to experiment a wide range of materials, so as to have an understanding of each media and use it to express themselves.


A good foundation is the core of every practice. In Chalk n Pencils, we aim to help our students build a good foundation and practice,


Apart from technical skills, we also encourage them to develop their ideas, so as to guide them to think out of the box.

What we do

A Conducive Space for Art Learning

Chalk N Pencils was set up in a small studio space, with the idea of a small teacher-student ratio in mind. We believe in creating a conducive learning space to provide quality art education for those who seek to express themselves.


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